First Year

Student works showing various skills developed during Sem I and Sem II of the First Academic Year in B. Arch. Learning, understanding and improving Model Making techniques, Drawings and Graphic Representation.
Key Ideas: Working with Hands and different Materials

Second Year

Student works showcasing the enhanced analytical, observational and presentation skills. Model presentations and poster/panel creations for Humanities, Allied and Architectural Design portfolios.
Key Ideas: Miniature scaled Model presentations for Humanities.

Third Year

Student works showcasing higher mediums of presentations beyond paper and moving towards software oriented studies.
Key Ideas: Working with public interactions and reactions; portrayal, understanding and effects of architecture and its ideas on the user.

Forth Year

Student works showcasing large scale ideas and concepts for larger audiences.
Key Ideas: Understanding the old and new concepts and Working with Town and city planning principles for large accommodation and public space creation.

Final Year

Amalgamation of various faculties of architecture into design and its final reproduction. Understanding the commercial concepts in the field of environmental design, prevalent theories in the field of architecture and its ultimate consolidation using modern construction techniques available.

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