Book is the only Gift, Which you can open again and again...


The VIVA School of Architecture library is an integrated knowledge center with access to a wide range of architectural archive which supports the students in learning and research activities. The VSOA Library provides the user multiple options for research inclinations including latest books, e-books, e-journals, print journals, etc. The library is well equipped with high quality information sources both in print and digital form. The Library is located for easy access on the ground floor of the institute with a total area of about 330.5 sq.mts. It has a spacious reading room with the seating capacity of 40 students, a computer centre for digital access and a shelving zone with a collection of over 3000+ in the library.


  • 1. To acquire library resources and services in line with the demands of the curriculum needs of the users and to support the mission and vision of the school.
  • 2. To provide instruction and assistance in the effective use of learning resources/services and train Students in the art of self- education.
  • 3. To make the library an organization for curriculum enrichment, lifelong personal development of the Student and dissemination of good literature.
  • 4. To encourage the formation of a lifetime reading habit for learning, exploration, and for recreation amongst the students, staff and prepare them for responsible leadership.
  • 5. To act as a scholastic liaison with academic developments and inform faculties and students regarding the services that library has to offer them.