VIVA Campus, Shirgaon.
Video credits: Surjait Hait (VIT)

Vishnu Waman Thakur Charitable Trust was formed in the year 1988 under the leadership of Shri Hitendra Thakur, MLA of Vasai taluka.

The trust was formed to handle several concerns and to uplift a remote area like Vasai region. The provision of education medical and social facilities to the residents of the area was the primarily focus .It is the only trust which runs the maximum number of courses after Mumbai university.

VIVA School of Architecture (VSOA) started in the year 2010 under the leadership of Prof. Dhiraj Salhotra and Prof. Chakor Mehta with an intake of 40 students.Since its inception, the school has been rapidly developing towards the vision of taking architectural education beyond mundane curriculum and achieving higher goals of holistic approach.

The disciplined academic approach helps the pupils to inculcate in them the qualities of sincerity, punctuality and responsibility. The fraterenity focuses on providing the future architects with the best possible knowledge. The professors give personal attention to each and every individual and help them in moulding themselves into good human being. The young minds are encouraged to think rationally and develop an inquisitive attitude towards life and architecture as a whole.

The principal along with the faculty aims at nurturing the students to become responsible citizens and strong individuals with a vision to make a difference while being sensitive towards the society. They are trained to face the realities of world with confidence and practicality.

“Work while you work and play while you play’’,that is what the school believes in. The institute not only concentrates on the academic growth but also gives equal importance to the all round developement of the student.