Vision & Mission

The trust wishes to promote activities which make an institute stand apart and become a legend in its lifetime. Mumbai is constantly up as a consumer and a producer of high quality professionals. The Late Shri Vishnu Waman Thakur Charitable Trust situated in the vicinity of the business capital, i.e. Mumbai envisions itself as one of the most acclaimed institutions in Mumbai, adding to the prestige of the city.

The mission of the trust is to provide the highest quality education infrastructure to students aspiring to be global professionals so that it can compete with the top institutes in the developed countries.

The trust aspires to become the most important member of the education community in Maharashtra.

It aims to create a world class education facility and environment and to bring global quality professional education to the doorstep of the students of the region and to serve the nation by providing highly competent and service minded professionals.

It also intends to create a strong research organization to help the thriving industry and growth of India.